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Revitalife Maqui Berry & Mangosteen 3in1 Coffee 22g

Revitalife Maqui Berry & Mangosteen 3in1 Coffee 22g

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Experience the benefits of MAQUI-POWER with every cup of Revitalife 3-in-1 Instant Cofee Mix Maqui Berry & Mangosteen.


Offers Powerful Antioxidants from Maqui Berry and Mangosteen


 - Keep your heart healthy

 - Lower blood sugar 

 - Boost Immune System

 - Promote Healthy Aging


Good Source of fiber, iron, and calcium. 


Maqui Berry contains delphinidin, an antioxidant that can protect body cells against harmful free radicals. Helps with eye and heart health and helps regulate blood glucose. 


Mangosteen promotes general well-being through its antioxidant content, xanthone (alpha, beta, gamma-mangostin), which can help fight off diseases caused by free radicals in the body. Helps with brain, heart, and gut health.


*For best results - use with HBS Maqui Berry & Mangosteen Capsules

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